What Is Shared Hosting & How Does It...

What Is Shared Hosting & How Does It Work?

What Is Shared Hosting & How Does It Work?

Dec 14, 2022 06:47 PM Small File Host

Shared hosting is an arrangement in which multiple websites are hosted on one server. Resources such as disk space, CPU, and memory are shared, and costs are split between all the users on that server. This sharing of real estate and resources is why shared hosting is so affordable.

Shared hosting, also referred to as virtual hosting, is a way to host your website on a single physical server that also hosts additional sites. Within the server, there are software applications that make managing and accessing your website easy.

Shared hosting offers the most cost-effective way to get a site online since the costs of maintaining a server are split among all the users. This style of hosting is best suited for a small website or blog that doesn’t require advanced configurations or high bandwidth. Since shared hosting is not sufficient for sites with high traffic, high-volume sites should look to VPS or dedicated hosting solutions instead.

How Does Shared Hosting Work?

In simple terms, every time you type a website’s URL into your browser, it is searching to find the server on which this website is stored or “hosted.” Once the browser locates the server, it sends an HTTP request message to the server, requesting information and data to make the website visible. 

With shared hosting, the process is precisely the same. The only difference is that one server is responsible for storing/hosting the data for multiple websites at once.

Think of shared hosting as a cruise ship with different cabins. Cabins are websites, the ship itself is the server, and people are… the ones who want to reach the same destination – online success. 

While everyone uses the same server and the same mode of transportation, their journey is different. What you choose to do on a cruise ship is entirely different from what the person renting the same cabin next to you decides to do. You share the engine to get to your destination, but you do have the flexibility and freedom for a unique journey and experience. Shared hosting is the most affordable option among all web hosting solutions, which is why it’s preferred by so many people. 

Advantages of shared web hosting

There are numerous benefits to opting for shared hosting. Let’s take a look at the fundamental features of shared web hosting:

It’s less expensive

Shared hosting provides the most cost-effective hosting solution. With many people contributing towards the costs of the server, the hosting company’s costs are distributed between them. Basic plans start at around $30 a year while you can expect to pay over $100 a year for premium plans with unmetered disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited websites.

It’s flexible

New online ventures can begin with a shared plan and upgrade without hassle as their site grows.


It’s easy to self-manage

Shared hosting is simple and straightforward to set up. Most providers offer a control panel to manage your website. This simplified user interface manages the administrative tasks and any monitoring duties associated with running a server.


You can host multiple domains

You can install numerous websites in your user directory; you just need to make sure the domains you purchase are connected to it. An example would be one person having different domains for their personal website, their hobbyist blog, and their business. Shared hosting is perfect for this.

It’s professionally managed

Shared hosting is relatively low maintenance. Your host will take the headache out of running your server by taking care of basic server administrative tasks. Unless you are prepared to run your own server, web management is the most convenient option. Leave it to professionals to worry about your web hosting - With shared hosting you can expect professional technical assistance for everything from hardware upgrades and maintenance, software updates, DDoS attacks, network outages, etc.

It can host dynamic websites

Websites that look different according to who is browsing are known as dynamic. Popular dynamic websites include Facebook, Quora and Twitter, and dynamic content management systems (CMSs) include WordPress and Joomla!. Dynamic sites and CMSs use alternative programming languages such as Perl, Python or PHP, all of which can run on a shared server.

Who Is Shared Hosting Most Suitable For

This hosting type is ideal for blogs, news websites, web development beginners, WordPress users, and e-Commerce stores beginning their online journey. Sharing a server means that your website is not yet at the stage where it needs to accommodate a lot of traffic, videos, or bandwidth. 

Recommended shared hosting providers

  1. Namecheap
  2. Hostinger
  3. HostGator
  4. Bluehost 
  5. A2 Hosting
  6. InMotion
  7. SiteGround
  8. DreamHost
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